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California Destinations
California presents one of the most diverse set of holiday venues of any destination in the world. Here, we divide the state up regionally, between the coastal areas, the mountains, the expansive southeastern deserts, and the locals'-secrent Delta region.
 The San Francisco Bay Area
The City by the Bay anchors a region that includes California's most well-known wine country, some stunning coastline, and all the cultural heritage you would expect of one of America's great cities.
Highlight Destinations:
The City of San Francisco
Napa and Sonoma Valley Wine Country
 The South Coast
In less than 100 years, Southern California has grown from a far-off desert region with no water into a high-paced cosmopolitan megalopolis. Here can be found many of the iconic images that people around the world associate with California.
Highlight Destinations:
Los Angeles
San Diego
Orange County (The O.C.)
 The Central Coast

Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) and El Camino Real (Highway 101) run parallel courses through the Central Coast region between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Featuring some of California's most beautiful coastline, diverse wine-growing regions, active resort towns and a rich Spanish Colonial history, the Central Coast is

Highlight Destinations:
The Monterey Peninsula
Big Sur
San Simeon Coast (Hearst Castle)
San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach
Santa Barbara
 The Redwood Coast
As you cross the Golden Gate, and head north on either
 The High Sierra
Pushed skyward by California's massive techtonic movements, and eroded over the millenia by ice and water, the Sierra Nevada mountain's granite peaks
Highlight Destinations:
Yosemite National Park
Sequoia - Kings Canyon
Lake Tahoe
 The Shasta Cascade
The southern expanse of the volcanic Cascade range protrudes into northern California, highlighted by the massive dome-shaped, Mount Shasta. Those willing to take the time to reach this remote region are richly rewarded with abundant wildlife, wild rivers, and majestic peaks. In natural beauty, it is comparable to the Sierras. Unlike the Sierras, the region
 The Gold Country

Lightly traveled nowadays, and usually only en route to the more famous destinations deeper in the Sierras, the Gold Country is a hidden treasure for history enthusiasts. It was here that the discovery of gold in 1848 led to one of the largest migrations in world history, and turned California from a remote backwater region to the focal point of the United States' westward expansion.

The area is

 Death Valley
For many, the word desert conjures little in the way of positive imagery. And, while it is true that much of the Mojave Desert is a vast expanse of barren territory, through which most people are happy to pass without leaving the Interstates, there are places where the beauty of the Mojave Desert equals and even surpasses that of any place in California. Death Valley is one of them.
Other Worthwhile Destinations:
Joshua Tree
Lake Isabella
Mojave National Preserve
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