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California Destinations - Death Valley

As we descended into Death Valley from the Sierras a few years back, client Ken Miller reflected that the word "surreal" is overused. "But, in this place, it's completely appropriate," he continued. Ken can be seen below, reflected in the impossibly shallow Badwater Basin lake that forms after the rare rainstorms that fall in Death Valley

The downward-pressing geological forces and extreme arid conditions that have made Death Valley the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, give Death Valley a stunning and unearthly landscape that belies its unfortunate name. While temperatures that routinely reach over 120° F (50° C) limit summer visitors to those willing to endure the heat, Death Valley is a must-see for anyone interested in the beauty of Nature's extremes during the during the fall, winter and spring.

Client walking on water in Badwater Basin.
Photo by Bob Cunningham
The road into Death Valley descends below sea level.
Photo by Rex Soper
Mesquite Dunes just after sunrise.
Photo by Roger Diener
Cactus blooming in spring time.
Photo by Bob Cunningham
Mesquite Dunes during a wind storm.
Photo by Bob Cunningham
Death Valley badlands viewed from Zabriskie Point.
Photo by Bob Cunningham

Nearest Cities:
Las Vegas: 2 Hours
Los Angeles: 4.5 Hours
San Diego: 5.5 Hours
San Francisco: 9 Hours

Summer: Hot Hot Hot
Fall and Spring: Warm to Hot
Winter: Mild

Dry year-round.


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