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What We Do - Customized, Escorted Private Tours for Couples, Families and Small Groups

Because our service is unique, people are sometimes confused about exactly what it is we do. Here's the simple answer:

We take small groups on customized tours in California and the Western United States and Western Canada. How's that for simplicity?

So, what's involved in customizing a tour and bringing the dream to fruition? Plenty. We're part itinerary designer, part travel agent, part concierge, and part tour guide. Here's a more complete breakdown of what we do:

  • We custom-design an itinerary that's customized to each individual group's needs and interests.
  • We research, book and confirm all local activities and attractions.
  • We provide a private vehicle, dedicated to your group's use.
  • We provide a personal tour director, who serves as driver, guide, concierge and personal assistant for the duration of the tour.

An alternative to the inflexibility and herd-style touring offered by bus tours, our service allows our clients to travel on their own terms without the stress and uncertainty of going it alone..

Key Features of Our Tours

Your itinerary is customized to your group's specific interests and needs
Your group's interests, style of travel, accommodation preferences and budget are unique. We carefully tailor your tour to meet these needs.

Your tour is private - it's just you and your family or friends
We only offer private tours. You'll have your vehicle and tour director all to yourselves. This means that you get to call the shots. You get to decide how long to stay at a given spot, when to stop for lunch and when your day starts and ends. You never have to sacrifice your group's interests to the demands of a larger group.

Your tour is escorted by a tour director who is 100% committed to making your tour a superlative experience
Throughout your tour, you'll have the undivided commitment of your personal tour director. Your tour director serves as your driver, tour guide, concierge and personal assistant throughout the course of your trip.
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