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How it Works - From Designing Your Itinerary to Conducting Your Tour
Over the course of 6 years of conducting our tours, we've developed a tried-and-true process for designing and conducting our tours.

Introduction and Initial Ideas
The first step in the process of creating your tour is a quick introduction. We ask you to complete a brief form with your basic contact information, the size of your group, your tour dates and an overview of what you're looking for from your trip. We will respond within one business day with some initial thoughts, usually accompanied by a few clarification questions.

At this point, we will also request a good-faith deposit equal to $50 per day of your proposed itinerary, up to a maximum of $500.

Planning Your Tour
With introductions out of the way, we begin the process of building your tour in earnest. We begin by learning about your interests, budget, time availability and other needs, and then apply our area expertise to create a unique itinerary. Using your feedback, we refine your itinerary until the final version accurately realizes your vision. Here's a detailed description of the tour planning process.

Contract and Confirmation Deposit
Once you're completely thrilled with your itinerary, we'll make it official with a contract, and a deposit of 25% of our tour fee (minus the original deposit you submitted at the beginning of the process). We'll also have you complete a credit card authorization, authorizing us to use your card to book your accommodations and other local arrangements.

Getting the Arrangements in Order:
We book any local activities and attractions included in the itinerary that require reservations, and offer a set of our preferred hotels for your consideration.  You will book your own accommodations directly.

Final Confirmation
30 days prior to your arrival date, we'll collect payment of the remaining amount due on our fee. We also reconfirm all of your local reservations as a final safeguard against unwanted surprises.

Enjoying the Trip:
This is the easy part. Your tour director meets you and your group at the agreed location, and you all have the time of your lives!




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