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How it Works: What is a tour director?

The number one reason for the excellence of our tours is our tour directors. A player of many roles, a tour director is the person who is personally tasked with the success of every aspect of your tour, from the beginning of the planning process through the final handshakes at the end of your trip. A tour director's roles include:

  • Itinerary Designer: Your tour director will be the primary designer on your itinerary. He or she will work closely with you to understand your interests and other travel needs, and craft your itinerary around them.
  • Driver: Our tour directors are professional drivers, with commercial licenses and passenger endorsements. Your tour director will be your driver for not just your tour segments, but will be at your disposal for any other driving needs, whether it's transportation for dinner or running an errand to the post office.
  • Guide: Ask any tour director what his favorite aspect of his job is, and this will be it. We're passionate about introducing our clients the best aspects of every destination. We're happiest when something special we've done for a client evokes an enthusiastic smile or even a tear of appreciation.
  • Concierge: Whether its a recommendation for a place to have lunch, reservations for a show, or some phone calls to see if a plan can be changed at the last minute, don't hesitate to ask. We do the legwork, so you can enjoy your tour.
  • Personal Assistant: Your tour director's mission is to make your trip as great as it can possibly be. If there's something he can do to enhance your trip that doesn't fall into any of the above categories, just ask.


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