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Quintessential Tours Clients - Pat and Joan

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Hi Bob! Great to hear from you! Like you, I'm finding it difficult to comprehend 3 whole months have elapsed since our parting in San Diego. Oh how we moaned after that parting - the constant refrain was "Wish Bob was here!!" Eventually we got used to using public transport and I have nothing but praise for your excellent system of trams, trolleys and buses (despite the fact they use the wrong side of the road!!)

San Diego was wonderful; I liked the laid-back atmosphere there and the very friendly and helpful locals. We spent 2 whole days at SeaWorld - Joan hired an electric wheelchair each day which made life much easier for both of us.

We decided after SD to take the Surfliner up to LA then Greyhound out to Vegas rather than fly. I'm glad we did that as we saw more of the countryside (a lot of which went up in smoke just after our stay there, alas) and also got to speak to ordinary Americans and gain an insight into their lives.

We certainly packed a lot into the 4 short days we were with you; I got heaps of photos but unfortunately the new camera was not in operation at Disneyland as I had forgotten to boost the battery so the old, broken one was used hence the poorer quality.

I made up a few folders with some photos for you but for some reason they wouldn't send in one email so you're going to be getting several emails with photo attachments.

When we arrived in Vegas at night we were like stunned mullets - real provincial hayseeds with mouths agape at the sights, sounds and lights. I've never seen anything quite like The Strip or the luxury of the Venetian and the Bellagio. Eventually, however, the smoke in the Casinos got to me and I went around for those few days with red eyes and a stuffed up nose. Oh - and don't forget the aridity of the desert atmosphere - my skin was like crazy paving and I can see if you lived there permanently you'd want to get a humidifier!

We took in a show - Cirque du Soleil's "O" which was stupendous. Also splurged on a trip out to the Grand Canyon with a helicopter ride, boat trip along the Colorado River and a fantastically tasty slap-up dinner served by the Hualapai Indian people.

We'd have liked longer in Hawaii before heading home but I did manage to persuade Joan to get into the water for a lazy swim!

Weather is now beginning to warm up - after a very hot November, December started out being cold so for Christmas Day I decided to cook a roast turkey with all the trimmings! Now the forecast is for 30 Celsius! Aargh!

I hope you and your wife have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and hopefully profitable 2008. My sister has just spent 5 weeks with her son and his family in Toronto and Rochester, NY and was building snowmen in the 12 inch deep snow! I've told her about your tours and should she and my brother in law head over West, I've highly recommended Quintessential Tours! I want to do it all over again! It was certainly the high spot of our whole trip.

Ceud mille failte, Pat

(Hundred thousand welcomes in Gaelic - and, should you ever come over this way, there's always a bed here for both of you!)

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