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Quintessential Tours Clients - The Jenkins Family

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Dear Bob,

Just wanted to say a big "thank you" from the whole family for all your help with regard to our recent holiday in California. When we first started organising the trip we wrote to four different companies to try and organise transportation, because we did not want to drive ourselves. It is fair to say that of those that we contacted you were not only the first to reply, but you replied in the most professional manner.

Sitting in England trying to organise transport isn't easy. There is always the concern that something will go wrong and the car would not turn up, leaving our holiday in ruins. Or that the driver would be a difficult person to spend a few days with. We were lucky. Due to your on-going professionalism in all our correcpondance we never felt worried. We were always confident that we had chosen well!

That proved to be the case. And we also got a lot more than "just" a driver. Your help in selecting hotels
/ places to visit etc was invaluable. Also your local knowledge of what to visit in a place as big and beautiful as Yosimite was invaluable. I was concerned that visiting the park in the peak summer tourist season might not be a good idea. But I was amazed that by just avoiding the valley on the first day we not only saw some incredible scenery, but at times it felt like we almost had the park to ourselves.

In addition, it cannot always be easy being in the middle of a family group which covers three generations. I would like to thank you for your kindness to my in-laws and your patience with our children. They really took to you and it certainly made the journey easier. The fact that at the end of the holiday the youngest was singing (to the tune "Say goodbye to hollywood") "Say goodbye to Bobble, say goodbye to Bob..." even though we had been at Disneyland for three days was quite amazing.

Also your recommendations of where to stay (and indeed what kind of room to stay in) and where to eat where very useful. Thw two restaurants that you reccomended "on the road" where a long way from being the most
expensive we ate in, but they were at the top of the list for both quality of food and enjoyment.

We really enjoyed the holiday. We thought that Yosemite was magnificent. Stella said last night that she could have happily spent another few days in the park, just doing little walks and looking around. The coast line
driving down was beautiful and it was nice to be able to look around without the hassle of map reading etc. We got some lovely photos and will send some to you soon. The biggest surprise to both of us was Hearst
Castle. We were a little bit unsure how interesting this would be but we found it fascinating, and in fact if we were doing the trip again we would actually do a couple of the tours. even though the tour we did was
excellent, it just wetted the appetite to look around the place some more. Maybe next time....

We have great memories of the trip.....especially listening to the Cailornia songs as we were driving along. the girls are still singing "I fell in love in California...".

Best wishes,


London, England
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