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Quintessential Tours Clients - The Weisz Family

About the Weisz Family   |  About their Trip   |   Letter from Nicole
Client Name: Andrew and Nicole Weisz
Group Size: 2 adults, 4 children
Group Make-up: Andrew and Nicole and their 4 children, aged 4, 6, 8 and 10
Home: London, England
Interests: The outdoors, wildlife, natural beauty, unique hotels, good food, camping.

The Weisz Family was looking to see some serious natural beauty, to get out into the outdoors, do some hiking and maybe even get in a little camping. It was also very important to Andrew that this be a very relaxing trip. A workaholic, when at home, Andrew was really needing a break from the grind, and the California outdoors was the place he was hoping to find it. They would start their trip with an extended stay with friends in Los Angeles before setting out with us.


Cover a lot of territory without exhausting the young children.
Try to find kosher meat somewhere between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This proved to be more difficult than we imagined.
Find very nice hotels that offered something a bit out of the ordinary.
Find great hikes that offered a chance to get into the outdoors, and see wonderful things, but were tame enough for the children to handle.
Incorporate a camping experience into the holiday for a family that had never tried it.

Nicole wanted to incorporate some real wilderness camping into the trip. Being a family from the big city, who had never tried this before, I was a little nervous whether I could pull it off, but after a lengthy email discussion, we all decided we'd give it a try. Having made the leap of faith, I set about finding a suitable campground and locating equipment that they could rent. I eventually found a rental supplier, and recommended Calaveras Big Trees State Park, among the giant sequioas for this one night foray into the unknown.

Read about the full adventure at the bottom of the Weisz's trip summary.

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