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Quintessential Tours Clients - The Wieringas

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The group stops for a snapshot while walking the Cambria boardwalk.
Client Name: Linda and Dirk Wieringa
Group Size: 4 adults
Group Make-up: Linda, Dirk and Dirk's parents
Home: Illinois, USA
Interests: Nature, sightseeing, California highlights.



This was a special trip for Linda and Dirk, as they were taking Dirk's parents to California for the first time. Because his parents don't fly, they would be taking the train to California from Illinois to start their trip.

In order to fit a tight budget, the Wieringa's took advantage of our "self service" option. They designed their own itinerary, and booked their own arrangements. We provided the vehicle and driver/guide Jeff Lowe. This saved them $50 per day on the cost of the trip. I was happy to spend a bit of time on the phone with Linda to consult on decisions related to the itinerary, while she did the heavy lifting.


Be accommodating of Linda's fear of heights, while driving a route that required some drives on windy mountain roads with steep drop-offs.
Prepare to provide our local's expertise throughout their trip, for an itinerary that we didn't design.

Here's where we took them, and what they did.

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